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A hydrocarbon gas source has been analysed and confirmed in the offshore Sydney Basin. The confirmation of a hydrocarbon based gas analysis was released at the Petroleum Exploration Society of Australia (PESA) "Eastern Australasian Basins Symposium" 14-17 September 2008.

The confirmation of this type of Hydrocarbon gas analysis has been confirmed to be;
Methane(CH4) - 90.69%
Oxygen(O2) - 1.58%
Carbon Dioxide (CO2 ) - 4.12%
Nitrogen(N2) - 3.7%

The gas seepage has been observed from repeated sea floor positions in an area off the coast of New South Wales and along the mainland margin of the PEP11 Permit. The gas is believed by Advent Energy to be sourced from areas within the PEP11 permit area.

The area where the gas has been identified is in the same area where oil and gas seeps have been recorded from Long Reef to Catherine Hill Bay, giving rise to periodic oil slicks occurrences along the coast , especially in the Cape Three points, Terrigal area. Visible gas seeps have been audio-visually recorded, and are available to view below.

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